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REDTAIL Telematics came to my attention in the very early days of Usage-Based Insurance when young driver coaching and their technology was used to help launch UBI pioneer ingenie. Their products and services have proved insightful and robust, and have evolved with markets as diverse as vehicle tracking, all aspects of fleet management, and most latterly the demands of monetising the connected vehicle.

Throughout their solutions have been quality first, scalable and adaptable to vertical or geography – a true technology and commercial partner.

Colin Shillito, Head of Business Development – IoT Automotive


“REDTAIL is our partner in innovation.  Over the testing and implementation of our project, we have seen a close correlation between vehicle and battery performance and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to our partnership with Redtail, we are now better positioned to be move our business to the next phase of growth.”


Scott Breckley, CEO


“We have been working with Redtail’s sister organisation Plextek since 1993 in our Stolen Vehicle Recovery activities and with Redtail since their formation.

Our close partnership has helped forge the VAM telematics product into a market leading device that we are proud to promote for TRACKER’s fleet and insurance applications.”


Stephen Doran, CEO


“Our school bus customers in Louisiana like the Redtail Fleet solution because the technology allows drivers to take the buses home at night. REDTAIL boundary alerts and 24/7 location means that the bus system managers can be assured the buses don’t take unauthorized trips and are parked where they’re supposed to be on weekends.

Of course, one of the biggest REDTAIL benefits is their Team; they always provide the highest levels of service.”


Bob Bellock, Exec VP


“Zen-tinel has been a business partner with REDTAIL for many years now as our high tech products complement each other in the school bus market.  We have also had a very good experience as a REDTAIL Reseller.

One key selling point in the bus market is REDTAIL’s annual service program, which comes with two months free of service, since school buses typically don’t run in the Summer. Another benefit is the idling alert – many states do not allow buses to idle for more than 5 minutes, and our customers in Pittsburgh really appreciate the heads-up.”


Bob Bellock, Exec VP