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Telematics and the year ahead

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Telematics and the year ahead…

A belated but genuine Happy New year – all best wishes to you and yours for a healthy and prosperous 2023.  Please forgive me for being a little self-indulgent in offering a few personal reflections how the year might shape up from a business perspective.

Small fleet management

In the current recessionary environment, business owners must maximize the use of their valued assets (drivers, vehicles) even more!  The REDTAIL platform offers automation and user-driven presentation of actionable data to help.

We work to enable easy sign-up, device installation and app usage.  And provide location, journey management and driver feedback data with accuracy and immediacy.  We have worked to incorporate your feedback into recent releases and will continue to do so.  Much to look forward to.


School bus case study

REDTAIL’s fleet management solution provides school district managers with detailed performance information on a vehicle and its driver by tracking and locating vehicles in real-time. Benefits include real-time traffic support, knowing vehicle ignition on/off; mileage data capture; battery health alerts and driver behavior insights.

In addition, operations teams can utilize route efficiency algorithms to maximize fuel consumption, achieving an estimated 18% saving year on year.  Utilizing the unique REDTAIL/Zen-tinel technology, monitor when students board and leave the vehicle, and receive a gas reimbursement for mileage when a student is aboard. 


Stolen vehicle tracking

There is no sign of a let-up in instances of car theft. REDTAIL has a strong track record in this space through a 30-year relationship with LoJack, Tracker and now CalAmp. In 2022 alone, Redtail Telematics customer Tracker UK recovered 488 vehicles at a total value of £11.8 million.

We hope to bring this technology across the Atlantic in 2023 with potential opportunities in both North and Central America.  New geographies, Mexico for example, bring unique requirements.

We are strong in listening and evolving proven tech in response to provide a market-leading solution.


Usage Based Insurance (UBI)

A few months ago, I wrote an article titled ‘the tipping point’.  Telematics-based insurance has promised for many years to be the future of motor but has remained confined (in the main) to young drivers paying thousands to justify the cost of the black box.  In the last couple of years, not least prompted by a pandemic-driven clamour for ‘fairer’ car insurance, pay by the mile policies have seen unprecedented growth.  This proposition is undoubtedly at top of mind for new incumbents to UBI, for reasons of cost, simplicity, and consumer appetite.  By Miles in the UK and KOBA in Australia are certainly leading the way in this area.

A second aspect to look forward to is our well-received App’n’Tag proposition, which reduces the ‘black box’ cost by some 80% and also offers a simple consumer experience for immediate use.





These two initiatives may lead us a little closer to the tipping point.  However, the last innovation I will comment on is perhaps the bigger initiative…

Connected Vehicle data for UBI

REDTAIL has been appointed Reseller of Connected Vehicle data for UBI for Ford Europe.  We said a lot about this in mid-2022 and have continued to evolve our view of this opportunity for both OEMs and Insurers.  In the next twelve months, I expect that a couple of narratives will develop:

  1. The data platforms will be found out: they need IoT insurtechs like Redtail Telematics to turn their junk food data into value for insurers.
  2. We will continue to explore the diverse datasets available from Auto OEMs, deploying a proof-of-concept approach to help insurers and their actuaries, propositions and claims teams scrutinise sample data and discern value.
  3. We will continue to work with OEMs to help them understand the size of the opportunity and their positioning within it, the technology roadmap to embrace, and not least, the commercial models available.


So REDTAIL has much to do!

We remain committed to innovating with and beyond customer needs to grow existing and new sales and continue to lead in telematics in all its aspects, from black boxes and their descendants to insightful analytics, data platforms and apps.

Looking forward to 2023!

Seasons greetings from Redtail Telematics

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Seasons greetings from all of us here at Redtail Telematics.

Seasons greetings from Redtail Telematics!


The year 2022 has been an interesting year.  As a result of the world opening up again, people have started reconnecting.

Drivers have started getting tested once more; the supply chain has been to the moon and is slowly starting to return, drivers’ fuel and repair costs have skyrocketed and vehicles too are getting connected!

It was lovely to see so many attending The Future of Insurance conference US, The Motor and Mobility conference, The Future of Insurance conference EU and SEMA.  The team at Redtail looks forward to attending more events in 2023 and beyond.  Hopefully, we’ll see you there!

Redtail feels privileged to be partnering with By Miles and KOBA as they lead the way with pay-per-mile car insurance.

Recently, working from home has become much more “the norm”.  Consequently, consumers started looking for alternatives to traditional car insurance.  Pay-by-mile car insurance (such as By Miles in the UK and KOBA in Australia) has really started to take off.  Redtail feels privileged to be partnering with By Miles and KOBA as they lead the way in this field.

A tag we supply is shipping to tier-1 OEMs in multiple countries and our App and Tag option for UBI has been involved in multiple successful pilot programs.  Indeed, it is an excellent alternative for insurers who don’t want to use “traditional” black box car insurance.  In case you didn’t know, Redtail’s tag connects to your phone for data recording.  Therefore, you don’t need a black box and no installer is required.

Successful Connected Vehicle pilot with Ford

With the successful completion of a Connected Vehicle pilot with Ford, Redtail and Ford are moving forward to rolling out at scale.  Connected Vehicle looks to be the future and we are excited to be at the forefront of it.  With Redtail’s services, turning any OEM Connected Vehicle data into consumable data by the insurer has never been easier.

Redtail continues to strive to be “the driving force behind vehicle intelligence”.

We were also excited to be announced the Best Telematics Solutions Provider by Insurance Post this month. An achievement we feel great pride in.  Receiving recognition for the hard work we put in to ensure our customers receive the best high-quality products and services, from our in-house black box devices doing edge computing, to our incident classification wallboard that is used as a workflow system in claims rooms, all the way through to expert witness work where we have been active again this year.

Finally, Seasons greetings and a prosperous New Year from us all here at Redtail Telematics!

Redtail named Best Telematics Solutions Provider

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Insurance Post have announced this year’s winners of the European Insurance Technology Awards.  We are pleased to announce that we have been named Best Telematics Solutions Provider by Insurance Post.

Redtail Telematics are Best Telematics Solution Provider of 2022!


As always, Redtail Telematics continue to work hard to provide the best telematics solutions.  In fact, we already offer many options for those looking for telematics solutions and are unique in that we control the entire journey.  Whether it is product design or data processing, or any other aspect for that matter.

Redtail and telematics

It is a privilege to receive recognition from Insurance Post.  Our team always works hard to ensure that we only offer the best telematics solutions.

Redtail continues to strive to be “the driving force behind vehicle intelligence”

Whether your interest is for hardwired, self-install, app and tag or connected vehicle (or any other variant), our offerings are fully customizable.

Furthermore, it is not just hardware that we supply.  We also provide data solutions, device management and more.

Continuing the drive to be the best

As the world has started opening up more during 2022, it has been nice to see some new and familiar faces at the face-to-face events we’ve attended.

The team at Redtail looks forward to attending more events in 2023 and beyond.  Hopefully, we’ll see you there!

Telematics trials: why so important?

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Telematics trials and pilot testing: Why it’s so important to Test and Try…

Bluetooth tag for Stolen Vehicle Recovery

REDTAIL likes to innovate.  Recently, we developed a Bluetooth tag for our Stolen Vehicle Recovery customers and markets.  Additionally, it has applications in the Usage-Based Insurance (UBI) space, combined with our app.  So, we identified a small number of prospects to Beta test this new solution for a ‘low mileage’ proposition.  Essentially, our own internal telematics trial!  The density and detail in the test enabled us to measure and refine all aspects of the proposition.

From Tag fulfillment to journey recording quality and immediacy.  As our test panel was geographically dispersed, it also allowed us to scrutinize differing consumer attitudes to our communication.  For example, App & Tag pairing instructions.

Our key findings were as follows:

  • Keep it simple

Regardless of geography, demographic or aptitude, we need to keep things simple. In fact, feedback from the testing made us realize we were too close to it. We in the REDTAIL team understood how to establish contact between Tag and smartphone.  This meant we knew the process was easy. However, we had overcomplicated the process. Don’t worry, the trial feedback prompted revisions of flow, language and screens for a better policyholder experience.

  • Journey recording

Mmmm…….Melbourne, Australia is different to Haywards Heath, England. Who knew? Distances, built-up areas, canyons, water – all challenging. Machine learning combined with the genuine appetite for embracing the new and unknown enables our engineers and data scientists to embrace all.

  • Multiple drivers one vehicle; Multiple vehicles for one driver

The reality of today’s mobility must be reflected in our technology capabilities. The family – parents and offspring sharing cars. The family – own two perhaps three cars, and family members may drive all or at least a couple of those.

In other words, journey recording and consequent driver profile must be unique and personalized.  This is important for UBI to work effectively with engagement. There are many component options: unique IDs; analysis of driving style and routes; work in progress……. luckily, we evolve our solution with you in line with the nature of your book.



Telematics trials: Learning and adapting

This is not new.

Throughout our journey as pioneers, we have evangelized the use of testing.  In fact, we see it as a necessary and productive stage in technical and commercial development.  Whether in vehicle tracking, young driver scoring, low mileage propositions or more latterly Connected Vehicle Data for usage-based insurance.  Tests, trials, pilots – whatever term you use – it is always important, providing that you learn from the results!

Our experience dictates that no IoT program is vanilla.  Whether UBI, OEM vehicle tracking or water management in Arizona.  As a result, we believe that telematics trials are a hugely sensible and practical approach to commercial risk.  This is because, they provide an opportunity to test technology and process flow, data integrity and value on a small subset of market or audience or assets.  So, if you have an opportunity in mind, get in touch and we can build one of our robust and rewarding telematics trials with you.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Contact us to discuss your telematics trial options at


App and Tag low mileage UBI solution

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App and Tag – what does that mean to you?

One welcome outcome of the pandemic is an upturn in consumer demand for ‘fairer’ car insurance, of which the low mileage proposition (pioneered by ByMiles in the UK and KOBA Insurance in Australia) is at the forefront.  REDTAIL’s new App and Tag solution provides a personal and lower-cost combination of sensors + phone to deliver accurate and immediate journey data.

Both App and Tag can be branded and policy holder journey refined to your needs.

Redtail developed a key fob based device to support vehicle tracking for the automotive sector.  This key fob is the “tag” part of App and Tag.


In its Usage Based Insurance guise, it has the following features:

  • Bluetooth Low Energy – module
  • Accelerometer
  • Coin cell battery (3yr life)
  • LED
  • Customisable plastic housing
  • Our customary flexible firmware and OTA updates

We can push out a notification as soon as a journey is ready.

Our App is fully customisable (at cost) and can be integrated with Broker App(s).  Policy holder journeys are documented in pictorial and narrative form and can also identify driving events like harsh braking and acceleration.  Data for each journey and month is presented with hours and miles driven and costs in two models: monthly sub plus : either end of month charge or monthly mileage budget clocking down.

Journey data recorded by App and Tag:


End of month charge option in app:


Monthly mileage budget clocking down:


This provides an intuitive and turn key solution for insurers enabling swift implementation of your preferred billing option.

We have analysed data from our full book to corroborate the view that fewer miles on the road is indeed a corollary to risk, and as can be seen in this graph, driving 60 miles per day is twice as risky as driving 20 miles a day.


REDTAIL’s work with insurers so far has produced promising results for an App and Tag solution.

We have enjoyed many conversations with insurers on the fairness and ease of use of this innovative solution.   Invariably these conversations have led to a small pilot (of which we are fans!) deploying a couple of handfuls of tags and our beta test app, moving to a bigger pilot to refine the proposition, and tune to your brand, business, economics and opportunity.

Do contact Andrew Little –; 07964 900232 – for an initial conversation.