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Redtail Telematics: A “one stop shop” story…

REDTAIL Telematics was born out of Plextek Design Engineering nine years ago.  Our DNA compels us to demand quality of sensor, signal and data to deliver value to our customers.  We are unique in controlling that quality throughout the telematics value chain.

Single Source Telematics

When systems stop working, and there is a rush to get them back up again, who will you call? As soon as you have more than one company responsible for a system, there is frequently a lack of coordination and lots of finger pointing.

You need a single point of contact that has access to all parts of the system. From device manufacturing issues manifesting in the live system, or device configuration issues requiring an over-the-air fix, or web portal issues needing patches, or performance issues in getting real-time data to fleet managers and claims handlers.

And when you need a new feature that touches on multiple parts of the system, co-ordinating multiple suppliers can be an expensive nightmare with no early dawn.

Without full control and insight over the entire system, your support teams will be hampered or possibly even blocked from resolving issues, certainly in a timely fashion.



Redtail has been repeatedly lauded as a highly responsive company, resolving issues quickly and offering both standard and custom solutions across the entire telematics domain.

Redtail does this because it builds and owns the entire system. The hardware is designed by Redtail. The firmware is written by Redtail. The highly scalable infrastructure is implemented by Redtail. The web portals, APIs and reporting are built by Redtail, often to customer requests. All this is built upon industry standard cloud services, hence with 99.999% guaranteed uptime, and using multiple comms networks for redundancy.

One-stop-shop means we have everything you will need


  • User Interfaces
  • Analytics
  • Data warehousing
  • managed cellular comms
  • a portfolio of devices including self-fit, pro-fit and App as a sensor


Customers attest our self-fit units!

Oh, and customers attest to our self-fit units having industry leading reliability with each device doing tens of turns through different users.

REDTAIL works like this not just because we can (perhaps must), but because we KNOW that is the right way to create and manage the right product and service for you.  If you and your business care about meeting the needs of your customer,and care about serving those customers reliably and transparently, we should have a conversation.