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When considering which is the best telematics device for your needs, how high up on your list is quality? Is your answer “top of the list”? We at Redtail think it should be and so should you!

Quality should be top of the list when considering any and all products and services, including telematics.  I’ll admit, I might be slightly biased in my thinking (but when it’s about quality, I’m ok with that).  A major part of my role at Redtail is Quality Management of Redtail’s BSI ISO9001 Quality Standard accreditation.  Consequently, I’m faced with decisions about Quality almost daily (and you might think me crazy but I love it!).


I’ve been at Redtail for over 6 years and I’ve worked closely with each department at one stage or another.  I’ve worked with the Development & Production teams, been involved in customer-impacting projects, managing our customer support, and currently focus on our marketing and quality standard efforts.  Even performing the marketing and quality roles, I still work closely with many of these departments.  I’m not telling you all this to brag (those who know me know that’s not in my nature).  I’m telling you because I think it’s important to identify how ingrained the culture of QUALITY is.

I have always felt I’m not alone in thinking that QUALITY is the most important aspect of Redtail’s business ethos.

Now, I hear you ask “Why on earth are you tell me this?”  but stay with me.  I know, this monologue about quality might seem a bit random but trust me, I have a point.  This (possibly strange) fascination with quality that I have made me wonder about our devices and data.  We pride ourselves on having what we consider top-quality products and data, so what does that data tell us?

It tells us that over 7,500 Redtail devices have been reused more than 10 times!


This is just a snapshot of the larger operation of Redtail devices; this is just a sample from one of our customers.  This particular customer recycles Redtail’s devices multiple times with their policyholders.  The device gets returned and refurbished and then gets sent to the new policyholder to plug in and use.  Importantly, the refurbishments are largely superficial (such as replacing outer casings that were damaged or scuffed by the previous user).

Great from an environmental (more recycling and less waste) and great from an economical perspective too!

To delve a little deeper, those 7,500 devices have, between them, driven over 800 million kilometres (500 million miles) averaging more than 100,000 kilometres (62,000 miles) each.  That’s a significant amount of kilometres!

To put that into perspective, if you were to travel to that distance out into space, you’d actually travel FURTHER than Jupiter!!​


Without the high quality standard of Redtail’s products, it wouldn’t be possible to recycle the devices so many times.  Furthermore, many of these devices have been active in various different vehicles since 2015!!  That’s right, 2015.  AND, they’re still going!  I wonder how many more miles these incredible little devices will record before their day is done… watch this space I guess (haha, space, get it)!