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Telematics benefits: Redtail Telematics and some of our recent highlights…

It is fair to say that our team of innovators never stop thinking and acting and creating. In fact, they would much prefer to be dreaming up the new to maintaining the current. But of course, we are committed to both and execute with rigour and our customary dedication to quality. Here are a few recent highlights:


Dashboards and Dashcards

Previously, we talked about our App and Tag solution (see our App and Tag low mileage UBI solution and our Redtail Bluetooth Tag blog posts).  In addition, we also offer a suite of dashboards to help businesses monitor the health of their fleet and stay informed about any incidents. Our Dashcards feature allows businesses to monitor bespoke key metrics.  These include; fuel consumption, engine performance, and driver behavior on a single NOC (network operations center) board. This makes it easy for fleet managers to identify any issues and take action to improve efficiency and reduce costs.


Crashboard and Crashcards

Our Crashboard is another valuable tool for businesses. It displays real-time information about any crashes that occur in your fleet on a map, which makes it easy to identify where incidents are occurring and to take action to improve safety. The Crashboard also includes crash analysis and reconstruction capabilities. These can help businesses understand the causes of incidents and take steps to prevent them from happening again.



Finally, our Fleetmap feature allows businesses to view live and historical journeys.  This can be used to optimise routes, improve efficiency, and reduce costs. Also, the Fleetmap includes real-time tracking, geofencing, and alerts. These can help businesses stay informed about the location and status of their vehicles at all times. Overall, these feature-rich innovations provide a comprehensive solution for businesses looking to optimize their fleet operations and reduce costs.


Telematics benefits

We are committed to continual improvement and innovation in the field of telematics. These latest highlights are just a snapshot of what we continue to work on and strive to achieve. So, watch this space.