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Actionable, valuable insight for insurers

REDTAIL is leading the way in turning connected vehicle data into actionable, valuable insight for insurers. In this bulletin of our thought leadership on this opportunity, we scrutinise the benefits of Connected Vehicle data for OEMs.


Connected Vehicle highlights from Redtail

• In 2019, 71% of vehicles on UK roads were connected
• The forecast is 100% by 2026
• There are 40 million cars on Britains roads



We can help you manage a pilot programme with insurers to drive learning and evaluation of connected vehicle data. Our steps are practised and proven:

1) Work with insurer to identify test group of 100 (say) existing policy holders driving your brands

2) Secure permissions from those policy holders for sharing of car data

3) Work with your tech team to enable APIs, portals and apps for your team to view data

4) Regular review workshops to address progress issues and discuss learnings

5) Post pilot report with mutually agreed recommendations and next steps


Sample of connected vehicle datasets.

The pilot programme can be set up in a month and we suggest a minimum six months duration.

Quality Connected Vehicle data with Redtail

REDTAIL presents quality data to you through web portals and apps in flexible and readily usable formats.

As a second layer of evaluation we are adept in ingesting your innovative datasets, and help insurers explore new ways to scrutinise use cases in risk, claims and policy holder engagement.




How Redtail can help…

In conclusion, insurers should be doing more to utilise the benefits of OEM connected data!  As a leader in the field, Redtail can help those insurers receive standardised data from different OEMs and we are excited to see this field progress.

So, what do you say, will you join us on this journey?!