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Redtail Telematics wins Winner of the Best Connected Product Award at the 2020 Cambridge Wireless Technology and Innovation Awards

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Redtail Press Release



Leading Telematics Service Provider Redtail Telematics has been awarded the prestigious Best Connected Product Award at the 2020 Cambridge Wireless Technology and Innovation Awards.

To celebrate the impact of innovation, technology and thought-leadership, Cambridge Wireless invited its world-renowned technology community to nominate outstanding companies and individuals within their ecosystem for the CW Technology and Innovation Awards.

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Looking forward – Insurance Telematics 2020 and beyond

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REDTAIL Telematics is delighted to be featured in the ‘renowned’ telematics suppliers list in the newly published Berg Insight report into market sizing for Insurance Telematics.  The report, as ever with the substance from Johan and Martin, makes for interesting reading.  It is of course important for REDTAIL to continually monitor and respond to market potential and characteristics, so I thought I would offer a couple of perspectives on ‘How big is it?’ and ‘What will it look like?’

Insurance Telematics remains a growth opportunity 

One preferred descriptive for the telematics market is ‘nascent’.   Implying a pent-up demand for developing technologies that will at some point meet and exceed its potential.  On each iteration of the latest research report, the numbers move somewhat to the right, and perhaps jostle a touch between Americas, EMEA and APAC potential.  But the bottom line remains somewhat constant.  The consensus view from players in the industry (accepting that this church has broadened and diversified in the last ten years?!) is that we should anticipate 25-30% cgr over the next five years.  Consistent with early promise?  Perhaps not, but commercially interesting?  Surely yes.

Insurance Telematics 2020 and beyond

Arguably, there are three key factors associated with that growth:

  • Expansion of the accessible market (consumers/policy holders) for insurance telematics – beyond young driver
  • Adoption of insurance telematics-based technologies throughout insurance – more usage in Claims?
  • Connected vehicle data – who needs a black box?

So, in conclusion, and to answer the ‘What will it look like?’ question: well, we envisage a forty [more than 23] year old driver signing up to a policy offering fair and reasonable monthly rates based on mileage and driving behaviours, and in the knowledge that any claim will be handled swiftly, accurately and robustly.  The future of insurance telematics, simple.

Solo test drives from your dealerships

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A DVLA statement said: “A prospective purchaser may test drive a vehicle on trade plates, without the trader licence holder being present. Trade plates are the property of the secretary of state and motor traders should take all precautions to ensure that trade plates are not stolen.”

However, the move has already raised concerns, with Jem Emirali, from motor trade insurance brokers Aston Lark, telling Car Dealer Magazine: “It is highly unlikely motor trade insurance policies will offer this as standard, so dealers need to speak to their broker.’

REDTAIL Telematics has a broker-proven solution to safeguard your fleet.  Firstly, a self-fit device option that will combine to fit all cars in your showroom:

Secondly, an App that will allow you to see in real time the location and journey of your potential buyer (and how he drove your asset, by the way)

Both elements of the solution are readily available and deployable – easy to install and get going.  With this fleet tracking capability, you and your dealerships can monitor and control test drives in this new environment, providing good customer service whilst remaining accountable for your assets.

There is also then the opportunity to upsell a variety of tracking solutions to the customer at the point of sale, with the further advantage that you can also prompt the customer to return for servicing based upon mileage or dashboard malfunction indicators.

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