The Redtail design team has delivered over 6 million devices worldwide into the automotive aftermarket. It has an unmatched track record of quality, reliability and performance.

Redtail Telematics Vehicle Asset Management (VAM) is a best-in-class GPS worldwide hardware platform, with an advanced feature set designed to exceed market demands. Its high speed sampling rate and ability to record up to 1,000 data points per second, 10x more data than other current-generation technology, means it can paint a very accurate account of events as they happened.


Redtail Telematics on-board device can be installed in such a way as to be out of sight, out of mind and beyond tamper range. Alternatively, it can be delivered as a simple in-car device, connecting to the 12V cigarette lighter port or the OBDII port.


So why choose Redtail Telematics as a hardware supplier?

  • Its hardware is supported by an award winning design team
  • More than a billion miles of data recorded
  • 100 million hours continuous device operation & counting
  • Negligible in-field hardware failure rate
  • Optimal design: GPS signal quality
  • Record data at a high frequency (up to 1,000 samples per second)
  • Supports both the GPS system and the GLONASS system as required.


The Redtail Telematics VAM is an unrivalled GPS worldwide hardware platform, with an advanced feature set designed to exceed market demands.

The Vehicle Asset Management (VAM) device captures and provides driver behavior data on rapid acceleration, harsh braking, excessive rotation and extreme cornering. It detects engine status, mileage, device alerts and battery voltage and protects against unnecessary maintenance and repair costs. This information is central to delivering significant return on investment and savings.

The VAM has 5 input/output ports which means it can potentially control a number of different vehicle capabilities – from starter disable, to door lock. A serial port allows the device to interface with turn-by-turn navigation, and for two way communications with HQ.

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Redtail Rugged is perfect for trailers, construction equipment, snow removal equipment and containers in remote locations.

Redtail Rugged extends Vehicle Asset Management (VAM) to off-road, rugged terrain. It is ideal for off-road equipment and machinery and has on board units suited to every day as well as more industrial or commercial vehicles. It pinpoints assets in remote areas day or night and provides location aware information for machines and vehicles. Location updates range from one time per day using the internal battery to every 30 seconds when using constant 12/24V power.

For more information, download Redtail Telematics Rugged Dual-Mode Asset Tracking brochure, email: or call 1-866-711-4880 (US).