Redtail Telematics DataWarehouse records continuous journey data, capturing up to one thousand data points per second.

VAM HD products can provide insights about harsh braking, excessive rotation, sharp cornering and acceleration. It can also record partial and complete journey information, share asset tracking and location data – and more.


  • High priority messages, such as ‘Crash’ & ‘Panic’ events are pushed immediately through the database, which can scale from individual vehicles and small fleets to  a million devices or more.


  • The frequency of its sampling takes driver behavior observation a step beyond GPS; enabling a level of detail not seen elsewhere in the market.


Redtail Telematics technology is also highly secure: it operates multi factor authentication within its ISO27001 certified hosted environment. 

These capabilities are not only scalable but they are also extremely robust and hosted in best-in-class, professional server farms. The system has been designed to survive everything from momentary cellular drops, breakdowns and power outages to hardware failures and other disruptive events. The sites are geographically distributed in each region and multiply redundant.


Redtail Telematics DataWarehouse is built on a suite of flexible, well-defined APIs, its data can be fed seamlessly into legacy applications to process all of manner of data into useful formats for customers, e.g. driver scoring and incident notification for insurers or fleet managers.