Redtail Telematics has a strong track record of working in collaboration with its customers to establish the best ways to deploy telematics technology to create or refine their business models.

In every instance, Redtail Telematics advises on how to tailor its technology to drive different business outcomes.

Every Redtail Telematics solution is customized to the customer’s business, assessing everything from the ultimate applications needed through to the specific requirements for hardware. For example, does device installation need to be covert, use the OBDII or cigarette lighter port for power and have access to key systems? Or does the device need to have any control authority over the vehicle, e.g. to disable vehicle start in the event of a car being stolen?

This approach makes Redtail Telematics a strong partner; both for those that have a clearly defined view of what their telematics needs are, and for those that are exploring the potential of the technology for business efficiency and innovation purposes.