Redtail Telematics automotive sales programs provide resellers with wholesale pricing for products and services to increase overall profitability.

Product and services are affordable, easy to resell and work with Android or iOS smartphones. Customers can simply plug it in to the car’s diagnostics port OBDII (Onboard Board Diagnostics) and follow the simple activation procedure to know where the car is at all times. Redtail Telematics devices are fitted covertly in new cars.

  • Simple to use

    Plug Redtail Auto into your car’s diagnostics port and use our simple app to set it up

  • GPS Technology

    The built-in GPS technology then monitors your car’s location via satellite

  • An app to track

    Now you can track your car in real time via our app, even if it's stolen

  • Save money

    Some insurance companies may even offer you a discount for using Redtail Auto

  • Money saving tip

    Inform your vehicle insurance company if you have a GPS tracking device such as Redtail Auto fitted in your car. They may offer you a lower premium.

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  • Reseller Locator

    Find out where you can buy Redtail Telematics products

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  • Stolen Vehicle Tracking

    Learn how Redtail’s technology helps you locate your car if it is stolen

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