State of the art solution for crash reconstruction:

Redtail Telematics Incident Notification and Response (INR) platform supports First Notification of Loss, digital reconstruction of incidents, and complete accident management including integration with an insurer’s own claims management platforms via flexible, standards-based APIs.


The INR platform enables detailed observation of incidents by sampling data at an extremely high frequency leading up to and during the event. Its data outstrips what can be provided by GPS alone and includes forensic detail relating to the impact, the accelerations and forces involved, together with evidence of any harsh braking immediately before and during the incident.


This intelligence replaces potentially unreliable human recollection of events with precise facts, which in turn enables timely and accurate assessments of liability and claim costs.


INR includes First Notification of Loss which ensures claim handlers are notified immediately after the incident and have access to a user-friendly web based portal so they can use simple and intuitive tools to understand the crash dynamics.  


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