Redtail Telematics is a full service telematics solutions provider. Ranging from basic to tailored offerings for the insurance sector.

Redtail Telematics devices collect precise, high quality data about the driver to enable insurance partners to offer vehicle insurance based on real, rather than perceived risk. Insurance programs help vehicle insurers improve customer loyalty: Insurance companies can use telematics data to better gauge driver risk and offer lower premiums to good drivers. Redtail helps vehicle insurers quickly and accurately assess liability and claim costs Insurance companies can use Redtail’s crash solution to digitally recreate a crash event in forensic detail. Redtail helps vehicle insurers address fraud: Insurance companies no longer need to rely solely on eyewitness accounts and claimant testimonials to process accident claims. Telematics provides unrefuted evidence. Redtail’s flexible APIs mean insurers can simply integrate the data with their claims management systems and other applications. Redtail’s insurance customers include Ingenie, Admiral, AXA, Assurenet and Direct Line.

  • Tailored solutions

    Redtail Telematics works with some of the major vehicle insurers. Each solution is tailored to the insurer’s business needs

  • Better data

    Redtail helps insurers know their customers better to be able to encourage and reward safer drivers

  • Crash data

    Our data can help digitally recreate crashes in forensic detail providing irrefutable evidence such as speed of impact or acceleration, making processing claims easier and fairer

  • Sharing data

    This information can be shared with claims handlers immediately via a web-based portal

Redtail’s Insurance Telematics proposition covers all aspects of vehicle insurance, including:

  • Behavior based insurance, including Pay as you drive insurance (mileage-based telematics data) and Pay how you drive (behavior-based telematics data)
  • Incident Notification & Reconstruction (INR) – crash management and claims management applications and support
  • Telematics Insurance Consultancy: this involves listening to the insurer’s business problems and coming-up with a strategic tailored solution to fix them, using telematics
  • Value added services: ranging from social media integration, panic buttons, roadside assistance, predictive analytics and consultancy to help insurers develop and improve their telematics market propositions.
  • Crash

    Discover how to accurately assess a crash incident based on precise, reputable facts.

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  • Driver behavior

    Redtail helps insurers reward good driving and improve customer loyalty with behavior based policies.

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  • Consultancy

    Redtail’s consultancy-led approach helps insurers address real issues, specific to their business.

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