Let the numbers do the talking

To see the typical return on investment within one year of implementing Redtail's Fleet Management System (FMS), input some basic information about your fleet in the calculator.

Total Annual Savings

Annual Fleet Savings
Cost of Device + 1 Year Service
Return on Investment


Information from this calculation is from American Transport Research Institute (2014).   Industry leading telematics providers report an average savings of 10% from preventative maintenance and reduced wear and tear.

Maintenance Savings


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that the average, non-fatal vehicle accident costs employers over $16,000 (2016). By car insurance industry estimates, the avergage driver will file a claim for a collision about once every 17.9 years - Carinsurance.com.  Industry studies have shown an accident reduction of 20-30% when improving driver behavior - ISO Review.

Accident Reduction Savings


Savings based on reducing wages by reducing driving time and reporting. Savings based on reducing working hours and billing more hours.

Improved Productivity Savings
Improved Revenue

Fuel Reduction

Typical fuel savings due to improved driver behavior and less idling range between 12-19%.  Typical savings due to improved routing and location services range between 4-12%.

Fuel Savings

Insurance Cost

Receive up to 15% initial policy discount.  Discounts will vary in your geographical location.  15% is the average discount for security products.

Insurance Cost Savings

Disclaimer: The Redtail Telematics ROI Calculator provides an estimate of potential savings using Redtail's FMS services and are for illustration purposes only.  Actual savings may vary based on range of variable data not contemplated by the Calculator. The calculations used are based on Class 1 -2 industry data collected from local government publications which may not be representative of your particular fleet.  Amount of savings will also vary depending on fleet type, location and usage.