Excessive idle-time, speeding, harsh braking or cornering, and rapid acceleration are primarily responsible for increasing fuel costs and eating away at a company’s bottom line. These issues can be addressed by tracking and assessing driver behavior.

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    At worst, speeding puts drivers and pedestrians’ lives at mortal risk. At best it increases vehicle wear and tear and incurs expensive speeding tickets.

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    Excessive idling:

    Excessive idling has a direct and negative impact on engine maintenance and fuel consumption.

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    Harsh braking:

    Harsh braking indicates aggressive and unsafe driving, not to mention inefficient fuel use.

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    Harsh cornering:

    Excessive use of the vehicle steering wheel suggests a vehicle is being driven recklessly, which increases wear and tear on the vehicle and endangers lives.

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    Rapid acceleration suggests the driver is operating uneconomically, rashly and potentially putting people’s lives at risk.