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Redtail Telematics vehicle asset management (VAM) products provide certainty that vehicles are being driven well, running efficiently and where they are supposed to be. It gives fleet managers greater visibility and information to extract further performance from their fleet, which in turn reduces costs.

  • Multi-use

    Redtail is used in all kinds of fleet vehicles, from heavy equipment and emergency services vehicles to taxis and school buses.

  • Data capture

    Driver behavior; rapid acceleration, harsh braking, extreme cornering. Vehicle maintenance; engine status, mileage, battery voltage, OBDII diagnostic information.

  • Easy analysis

    Fleet managers can access this information on easy-to-use dashboards, from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

  • Save money

    Used properly it can deliver fleet managers a return on investment through efficiency saving in less than three months.

Redtail’s Fleet Management System (FMS): The driving force behind vehicle intelligence

Redtail's FMS provides the precise location of a vehicle by tracking and locating vehicles in real-time.   A notification with detailed location can arrive via email, viewed online or on android and iOS devices.

Identifying a vehicle’s exact location helps fleet managers:  

  • Provide real-time traffic support
  • Improve customer service by sending the nearest  vehicle in a fleet to fulfill an assigned task
  • Get organized by customizing maps with points of interest, customer addresses and frequently visited locations

The solution records routine maintenance and monitors battery voltage, protecting against unnecessary maintenance and repairs costs by:

  • Knowing each time a vehicle’s ignition is on or off to determine mileage, after hour usage, idling and more
  • Ensuring proper vehicle battery and sending alerts if voltage drops too low
  • Assessing driver behavior; heavy braking, acceleration, incident notification and crash assessment

Fleet Solution Feature Set

  • Dashboards: making it easy for management and staff to access crucial, current data at a glance, to quickly identify and manage risky driving behavior.
  • Driver Behavior: to capture rapid acceleration, harsh braking and excessive cornering data from fleet vehicles to improve driving behavior and reduce fuel consumption.
  • Mapping and location: to track fleet vehicles in real-time via computer, smart phone or tablet.
  • Vehicle information: to run predictive maintenance on everything from rotating tires to changing oil; avoids unexpected out-of-service fleet vehicles; which costs companies money.
  • Mobile app: so fleet managers can keep in touch with their vehicles 24/7.

Fleet Industries Served

Redtail’s technology is supporting fleets in a number of industries, including: School buses, Taxi's, Emergency Service Vehicles, Short & Long Haul

  • School buses
  • Taxis
  • Emergency services
  • Short & long haul trucking
  • Utilities
  • Local delivery & service
  • State and local government
  • Heavy equipment / offroad
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Lease fleet vehicles
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