Redtail Telematics is one of the few telematics service providers to offer custom hardware, software, design and manufacturing services.

Redtail Telematics has access to over 100 qualified experts in communications technology in the UK, US, Canada and Mexico as well as an experienced manufacturing and engineering team on the ground in Malaysia. This gives Redtail unparalleled access to some of the foremost thinking experts to when building telematics solutions.

  • Manufacturing

    Learn about Redtail’s extensive expertise in manufacturing

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  • Design Services

    Redtail designs products that meet the highest automotive quality standards

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  • Hardware

    Redtail’s hardware records up to 1,000 data samples per second. Find out more about Redtail’s unmatched track record in producing high performing, reliable hardware

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  • DataWarehouse

    Find out how Retail DataWarehouse enables a level of detail not seen elsewhere in the market

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  • Consulting

    Understand how Redtail can work with you to address business and product issues specific to your organization or market

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