There are many ways of getting in touch with Redtail, but these FAQs may help you immediately.

  • Will VAM drain my car battery?

    No. Although VAM is connected to constant power it is designed to go into a very low power state when the vehicle is parked. This is compared to the same amount of power used by your car stereo.

  • Can the REDTAIL Fleet Management System lower my car insurance?

    Yes, depending on your insurance company. The VAM is considered an Anti-Theft device. Most car insurance carriers offer policyholders a discount on their insurance premiums if cars are equipped with Anti-Theft devices. Check with your insurance company regarding discounts, typically savings are between 15-33%.

  • What type of Warranty does REDTAIL offer on the VAM hardware?

    Your satisfaction is important to us. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee; a 90 day limited warranty; and a 1 year warranty (with the purchase of an annual plan). Extended Warranties are also available.

  • How long is my data archived on the REDTAIL system?

    Data is stored and viewable for 6 months on the FMS. Fleet Managers can easily store years of historical fleet data by using our system to export to a CSV file (CSV files are easily read by MS Excel).

  • What types of reports do I have on the REDTAIL system?

    We provide many customizable reports online, including: Harsh Braking, Acceleration, Speeding, Idling, Activity, Boundary, Landmarks and more.

  • How do I use Landmarks?

    They can be used to mark Boundaries, destination points, customer addresses and/or offices that you visit regularly. You can run a Landmark Report to see each time a vehicle visits a Landmark and the duration of their visit.

  • What is a Landmark or Point of Interest?

    Landmarks or Points of Interests are areas, addresses or locations that you want to monitor. They can be added manually, imported in bulk, changed or be exported to other formats (such as KML, used by Google Earth).

  • How many Boundaries can I create?

    You can create an unlimited number of Boundaries.

  • What is a Boundary aka Geofence?

    Boundaries are used to keep track of where a vehicle should or should not be going. After a Landmark has been created, a Boundary can be created around it. You may also choose to have the Boundary send out email notifications when broken, to any of the specified notification lists. You will have the option to create Landmarks in different forms: points, rectangles, circles, polygons and polylines.

  • What types of Alerts can I receive?

    REDTAIL offers multiple alerts, including, but not limited to: Speeding Alerts, Boundary Alerts, Scheduled Maintenance Alerts and Excessive Idle Alerts.

  • What is an alert?

    Alert is a feature to notify you via email or on the map when your vehicle(s) exceed a specified limit or threshold. For example, if you determine that your vehicles shouldn’t be driving over 75 mph, you can set up your FMS to email you a Speeding Alert when that limit has been exceeded.

  • Where does REDTAIL get the mapping information?

    REDTAIL uses Google mapping. There are 3 different views available.

  • Can I pay for my service plan monthly or annually?

    You can pay monthly or annually for service. There is a 20% discount if you elect to pay annually. Our service is all-inclusive, so there is one flat fee for service based on the tracking interval you select. There is no extra charge for any basic REDTAIL features or alerts.

  • What is the difference in 1 minute vs. 5 minute tracking?

    Your fleet vehicles are managed in real-time. The difference is how often (every 1 minute or 5 minutes) the data will update to our server.

  • Who installs the devices?

    REDTAIL has partnered with InstallerNet to offer professional and affordable installation anywhere in North America. You may also choose to install your own VAM or find a local automotive electronics installer. For more information about self-installation, click here. For more information on how to get started with InstallerNet, Toll free +1 844-675-3536 / Local +1 780-675-3550.

  • What is the minimum recommended screen resolution?

    The REDTAIL application should be viewed at no less than 1024 x 768 screen resolution, this resolution recommended to ensure consistency.

  • Does the REDTAIL Fleet Management System offer real-time GPS tracking?

    Yes, real-time tracking is available in every 1 minute or 5 minute intervals.

  • What kind of Vehicle Information can REDTAIL Fleet Management Software provide?

    Vehicle Information provides important Device Alerts, such as: Maintenance Alerts, Daily Heartbeat, GPS Blocked, GPS Tamper, GSM Jamming and Vehicle Battery Voltage Alerts.

  • What kind of Driver Behavior Information can the REDTAIL Fleet Management System provide?

    The Driver Behavior section provides Acceleration Alerts, Harsh Braking, Harsh Cornering, Excessive Speeding, Boundary and Idle Alerts.

  • Can I use my GPS enabled cell phone to track my vehicles?

    REDTAIL's VAM is permanently installed to constant power in your fleet vehicle, whereas a cell phone may need its battery charged on a daily basis...

  • What is GPS and how does it work?

    GPS (Global Positioning System) is comprised of 30 satellites called NAVSTARs orbiting the earth. The presence of at least 3 satellites is required to provide the coordinates to identify a fleet vehicle’s location. VAM transmits the location in 1 or 5 minute intervals over the cellular network, to the REDTAIL application and displays the coordinates on web-based maps in real-time. When the vehicle is out of cell coverage VAM will store the data and update the Redtail Fleet Management Software once in coverage.

  • Why should I choose REDTAIL Fleet over other GPS tracking solutions?

    Unlike most GPS tracking companies, REDTAIL Fleet is the manufacturer of its GPS tracking hardware (VAM) as well as a provider of a web-based fleet management solution. A large majority of GPS tracking companies purchase GPS tracking hardware from manufacturers like REDTAIL Telematics. REDTAIL’s exclusive design consultancy, UK-based Plextek, was named Business of the Year in 2010 and has received two coveted Queen’s Awards for Enterprise; for Innovation and for International Trade. VAM was tested rigorously and developed by the same design team responsible for the design and manufacture of more than 5 million tracking devices worldwide. Experienced trainers get you up and running quickly and continue providing support through online tutorials and Live Chat. Our pricing is competitive. Use our Return on Investment (ROI) calculator to see how quickly REDTAIL Telematics pays for itself. Our typical fleet experiences a ROI in 6 weeks, individual ROI’s may vary depending on fleet size, fuel consumption and driver behavior. Click here to access our ROI calculator.

  • What is REDTAIL's Fleet Management System (FMS)?

    REDTAIL Fleet Management System combines our state of the art VAM (Vehicle Asset Management) GPS tracking device with the intelligence of web-based mapping.